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Your registration is valid after an upfront payment of at least €20.

Program fee:
(for the entire congress)

Age/country of residenceUnder 1818-2627-3536 and older
A countries€50€70€90€120
B countries€35€55€75€105
C countries€20€40€60€90

A countries: Austria, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland.
B countries: the rest of the EU, Australia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, the United States.
C countries: all others

If you’re not a member of TEJO in 2020: +€25 after 1995, +€50 for older

Accommodation fee:
(for the entire congress, seven nights)

Room2-person1-personwithout sheetsTentNo accommodation
€65€150€300– €10€35€0

Meal fee:
(for each meal)


Registration periods:

Until 2019-11-03Until 2020-01-03Until 2020-05-21Until 2020-07-04Later/on arrival
– €10– €5current fee+ €10+ €20


We wish to give all participants a pleasant, secure and inclusive experience during the congress, regardless of cultural background, ethnicity, skin color, class, religion, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, age, physical looks, ability (and lack thereof), language ability etc.

Harassment of any kind is not tolerated.

Although we assume that all participants of the congress understand and accept the general concept presented above, we treat this topic with great seriosity. For this reason, we kindly ask everyone to read the following regulations/information and to obey them during the evnet.

Harassment includes bothersome interruptions of conversations, annoying grammatical corrections, pictures or videos taken without consent, offensive comments or jokes, intentional intimidation, pursuit, undesired physical contact and unwelcomed sexual attention.

During the congress, we particularly do not welcome posts, distribution of marketing material, projections and other means of spreading any material (flyers, brochures etc.) which uses unmotivated sexual/drug content as a way to catch attention.

Discussion or pictures related to sex, pornography, drugs, discriminating speech or similar are welcome only in exceptional cases when they fulfill the following conditions:

  • The organizers have given permission (e.g. accepted to oficially put the program in the event’s schedule);
  • They’re necessary for the theme of the discussion and there are no alternatives;
  • They’re presented in a respectful manner;
  • The participants are warned in advance and given an opportunity to leave the activity if they do not feel comfortable.
  • Smoking is not allowed within the buildings of the congress. It is permitted to smoke on the outside, but please make sure not to bother those who do not like smoking, and do not forget to dipose of the cigarettte buds in the trash can.
  • The use of drones is not allowed.
  • We are not allowed to make loud noise outside between 11pm and 7am.
  • If you’d like to take pictures during the event, consider and respect the fact, that not everyone wants to be photographed. Furthermore, If you’d like to take pictures during the event, consider and respect the fact, that not everyone wants to be photographed. Furthermore, before you publish or share your pictures, make an effort to obtain consent from those who appear in the pictures.

We expect all participants, and potential external guests, to follow these guidelines at all congress locations and congress related social activities.

If a participant engages in harassing behavior, the organizers reserve the right to undertake any action they consider appropriate, from spoken warning, expelling the participant from the congress (without a refund), or contacting local law enforcement.

If you’ve been harassed, noticed that someone else has been harassed of have any other concerns, please contact a member of the organizing team. We’re here to help, guide or discuss an appropriate solution.

More specific contacts and tools for attentive co-existance will be handed out before and during the event. Doubts, question and comments about these rules may be sent to ijk2020[at]tejo.org and/or marc[dot]konijnenberg[at]tejo.org.