Where will IJK take place?


Someren is a municipality in the south of the Netherlands with 19,000 residents. Someren has a rural character and a modest industry. Although the region has been inhabited for longer, it became a municipality in 1301. Due to the age of the region, the origins of the name “Someren” are unknown.

Around Someren you’ll find two important natural habitats. De Grote Peel is a former bog from which archaeological artifacts and fossils have been recovered. The Strabrechtse Heide is a large fieldwith various beautiful plants, lakes and sheep. The region is also known for its tales of women who had been murdered due to accusations of sorcery. Besides that, Someren is surrounded by fields.


The street “Postelstraat” is the central shopping street with various shops, super markets and restaurants. In particular at the plaza “Wilhelminaplein”, you’ll find multiple places to eat. The city center is situated about 20 minutes on foot from the center of the congress. The closest city is Eindhoven, which is situated 50 minutes away by bus.

Eindhoven is the fifth largest city of the Netherlands with 230,000 inhabitants. It’s known as a technological city due to the presence of the worldwide tech company Phillips and its technical university. The university is also the reason that Eindhoven is one of the youngest cities in the Netherlands.


Someren and Eindhoven are situated in the Dutch province Noord-Brabant. Brabant is known domestically by its warm and festive culture, and its soft accent. The south-eastern part of Brabant, where Someren is situated, is known for its tourism and has several vacation spots, natural parks and interesting sights to see.